miércoles, 5 de enero de 2011

Telefónica steals costumers

Nobody knows, can’t even imagine, how much I get fed up with Telefónica Spain. I am really angry. I hate of being messed about with no answering letters, and with their automatic replies. In short, I have made claims during one and half year, because they steal from my account 180 euros with three forged bills.

They admit the error, but don’t pay back the money.

It last for as long as one year and six months. I’ve written more than eight letters and twenty emails. I have written to User’s Attention Office, Ministry of Industry, Defender of Consumers… and it seems that all I have done doesn’t help at all. They have my money, and I am in a foul, with a terrible mood.

But overall, I hate the way they make me wasting my time. And the face of gorilla I obtain for hours. They get the worse of me. Piss them off.

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Beatriz Montero dijo...

I assure you are in foul mood.I hope it will pass quickly.