viernes, 7 de enero de 2011

Storyteller from Ireland

One of the best and most known Irish storytellers, Richard Marsh, author of several books ("Spanish and Basque Legends", "Tales of the Wicklow Hills", "The Legends and Lands of Ireland", among others), is coming tomorrow to our house, in Tenerife. We're waiting for him, with much to talk about. I am reading now two of his latest creations: "Tirana" and "Earn Fire". There are a lot of topics waiting for us.

Richard is very fond of Galicia and the Pilgrimage of Santiago too, and he was there several times, especially in Santiago de Compostela.

We have at least five days ahead for sharing experiences of creative writing, future of storytelling and life in general.

There is almost nothing in life better than friends.

2 comentarios:

Beatriz Montero dijo...

We´re waiting for him with a load sun ;)

Rosana A. dijo...

He looks like a a magician!

I love Ireland, the irelands and their culture, Celtic tales and mythology.

Have a great time! With stories and tails, with goblins and leprechauns.