lunes, 10 de enero de 2011

Climbing the volcano

The day arose with a breathtaking sun, so after breakfast we all put our scarves around our necks and decided to climb the Teide volcano. Monday’s Holiday. We did everything so fast that we forgot the snacks and the cellular of Bea. Richard was telling Irish stories and reading aloud the book “Tomasina, the lizard”, written by Margaret Lim.

We crossed the avenue of palm trees, between Tacoronte and La Laguna. The road ascended gently to La Esperanza, and suddenly we are plunged into an enchanted forest full of pines and eucalyptus. Not all at the same time: first pines, then eucalyptus, then pines again, and then nothing.

Well, not nothing exactly, because he had black stones from the volcano, mustard-colored mountains, multicolored layers of earth and lava, and finally the Teide volcano itself, the third highest volcano of this type in the Earth (this data is from Richard Marsh, I didn’t know it).

The Teide with snow on the top, like a hat.

The Teide seen from the east, then from the south, and finally from the west.

The National Park Teide, again and again.

The Teide is so big that it must be said several times, because it doesn’t fit in this page. Meanwhile, legends of Galicia, and Tarifa, and Key West. We had to have lunch up there, where the cable car starts, EUR 12.50 buffet.

Then around the Parador Nacional, with the lava-stone cathedral.

And back home, happier than a lark.

Today is my turn to cook dinner, because Bea has gone to Flamenco classes, and Richard is on the basement writing emails everywhere.

Next week we will go to Rabat (Bea and me), to the Instituto Cervantes, a creative writing workshop with bestiaries and with students of the University (no, not the same, are two different things, do not be gross).

Kisses to all.

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