viernes, 31 de enero de 2014

Writing and Playing / Escribir y jugar (Youtube video)

Nuevo vídeo en inglés donde sugiero algunos consejos para escritores y aprendices. Writing and Playing. Creative Writing Workshop. Author Enrique Páez. Tips on creative writing by Spanish writer Enrique Páez, author and teacher of Narrative Tecniques for over 20 years.

First steps on writing. Let's try writing your own history. Enrique Paez is a well know Spanish author with more than 30 published books in ten languages. He is the director of the Creative Writing Workshop in Madrid, Spain. His book "Writing. A Guide of Narrative Tecniques", SM Publishers, Madrid, Spain, 2011-2013, is a manual for teaching creative writing used in many Universites in Spain .

More info: (bilingual site) (bilingual site)

Creative Writing Workshop - Enrique Páez.

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